January 15, 2011

Dinning Room Table

After finishing the fire place, I seen how much I really liked the dark tones for wood. This sent me on a rampage...lol I wanted everything in the house made of wood- Dark!
Which brings me to my next project. The dinning room table.
I purchased this table from an old friend ready to move out of State for $200.00. The table had quit a few stain and dings in it. And the Chairs didn't look so good either.
I do not have any before pictures because i was just to excited to get er done. Stripped the top of the table and sanded it. The legs and chairs I left alone until the end. This time I had to go with the color of the stain on the legs and chairs, which was a red mahogany. The table stained great, it was a perfect match. I also stained over the already stained legs and chairs for touch up.

This project took me about 3 weeks to complete. However, it could have been finished in two-three days if I would have done things correctly! When it was time for the clear coat, I went the easy way out and bought the spay clear coat..... Never again! It left dust particles in the top coat which looked very bad! Sooo, I had to sand off the top coat, place another coat of stain over top and then brush on the top coat. With three layer of clear coat over everything she is complete.

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