January 15, 2011

Fire place make over

The very first project I took on in our new home was the fire place. The last owner painted the fire place to look like black marble. Me personally, I did not like it at all. It had black shinny bathroom tile on the face and floor, that also had chips in it. With a brass face with glass doors and  a blower.
I personally like the natural wood look to fire places, sooo,I removed the brass face and blower, smashed the tiles, and I stripped it down, sanded, replaced the trim to my liking, and stain with a deep mahogany wood stain and a top coat. This process took me about three weeks (about 1 hour a day). The ending result is exactly what I was looking for!
The tile on the other hand, took some time to search for.

 I let the fire place stand the way it was for about a year while i was searching for the perfect tile to fit my ideal scheme. The final tile selection was, believe it or not, our very first choice. However, I am very happy that we took the time to really search. The tile we chose is a dessert sand stone. LOVE IT!

Between the cost of the stripper ( did not do my homework on this part), the new trim, stain, top coat and tools, tile, and grout, we spent about $175.00.  I spent more on buying bad strippers than anything! I learned my lesson on this project!

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