January 15, 2011

Floating breakfast bar

Ok, I think you know by now how much I really like the dark woods.

This next project is of an Idea i had for my kitchen. That nice dinning room table doesn't look so nice with all that clutter on! And I would really like the dinning table to look elegant at all time. Soooo, I thought that the idea of a breakfast nook in the kitchen (which was originally there before last owners refinished kitchen). The last owners replaced the kitchen nook with cabinets... To me, they filled space that now looks out of place.
Instead of a small table (no room for chairs and table) I wanted a floating breakfast Bar. I have never built anything like this at all so I took very small steps at going about this project.
I went to Lowell's and found the perfect wood, 1.5x1.5x8', and had them cut it down to small 2' long boards. The wood cost me about $10.00 all together. I played around with different designs for a hour or so and out came the wood glue. I glued and I glued until my little heart was content. One of the pictures show the beginning stages of the wood glue drying, set on top of the counters we will rip out.

After it was all glued and solid, I began to sand to make the surface as flat as possible. Dark mahogany stain (left over from fire place) and three coats of clear coat. Bought 1/2 round from Menard's for about $7.00,  for the face and mounted the bar to a 2x4 which was screwed into the wall. With three bar stools I purchased a year before at a garage sale for $20.00 These pics are a bit fuzzy...bad phone pics

My kids have a brand new breakfast bar for a total of around $40.00. Can't beat that! And it looks great.

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  1. your projects are looking great! welcome to blogland. I see that you posted 4 in one day, if you haven't found it already, you can schedule your posts to publish later. that way when you write a bunch at a time, you can have some set up for later (I have 2 already set up for this week). its my favorite blogger feature. just look at posting options, right above publish, on your new post page.....
    happy blogging!